The download was unable to complete please try again later

Sometimes we want todownload an image, video or audio in WhatsApp, and when clicking on the icon it remains loading, and then shows theerror Download failed.Now we are going to try

The download was unable to complete please try again later

Sometimes we want todownload an image, video or audio in WhatsApp, and when clicking on the icon it remains loading, and then shows theerror Download failed.Now we are going to try to locate the possible cause andsolvethis annoying failure.

We recently explained thepossible solutions if we cannot install WhatsApp, and the problem of failed file downloads is also one of the most common.Especially since thetext does not explain the reason for the error, and we must identify it on our own.

Download WhatsApp: how to download the latest version for free

The full text of the error says the following:

Download failed. Download could not be completed. Please try again later.

That is, a generic warning that does not indicate the cause of the failed download.So the solution will go throughreviewing the most common problems, which are quite varied, until the error is found.Lets see from the most common to the infrequent.

Check the internet connection

The Download failed error is common when themobile does not have an Internet connection, be it via WiFi or mobile data.Surprisingly, WhatsApp does not detect it, and a generic message appears that may be due to any other reason.

At first, arotating circleis shownindicating that it is trying to download the image, video or audio:

We must testif the rest of the applications or the web browser can access the Internet.If not, we are talking about a connectivity problem.The solution almost always involves contacting our mobile operator if we use data, since the rate may have been exhausted, have a line cut or suffer a fall.

If we use WiFi, the origin is usually similar, only in this case the person responsible is the operator of the associated fiber or ADSL line.

Check that the mobile has free space

WhatsApp also usually indicates that a download is unsuccessful when thephone has a full memory, and there is no free space.Although current smartphones have a lot of storage, at some point we could saturate it.

The solution is to check if the terminal memory is very full and, if so,delete photos, videos and other files.Of course, before we can upload them to afree cloud storage serviceif we do not want to lose them.

InAndroid itis possible to see the space and delete files from this menu:

Settings -> Storage -> Free up space

OniPhone,the route to follow is the following:

Settings -> General  iPhone Storage

Furthermore,WhatsAppnowallows you to free up space with its own tool, which is also a valid solution if the Download failed error is due to a lack of free space.

Possible WhatsApp crash

One possibility to consider is thatWhatsApp suffers a general crash, that it does not work for anyone.In this case, it is most likely that we will not be able to send or receive messages either, and other features will also fail.

However, sometimestechnical incidents affect only some featuresof WhatsApp, and there are precedents of massive problems with multimedia (photos, videos and audios).

The solution, in this case, is towait for the application servers to respond again, we can also delve deeper into the subject with the guide tofind out if WhatsApp is downor only we are affected.

Correct date and time?

WhatsApp can sufferunexpected behaviors if the mobile has an incorrect date and time, as the servers expect it to be properly synchronized with the current time.

And one of the possible consequences is that we get the Download failed error, although not the only one.The solution is toset the terminal at the correct timeor, better yet, let it synchronize automatically from the Internet.

If we have difficulties, we have explained how tosolve the error The date of the phone is wrong that sometimes appears in WhatsApp, and that can even prevent us from using it completely.

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp is gaining new features over time through application updates, so there comes a time whenusers of old versions lose functions, or can not use it directly.

The Download failed notice may be due to this, although most users have automatic updates activated in the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone).

If this is not the case, we have explainedhow to update WhatsApp, even on mobile phones without access to official stores, including some Huawei and Honor models.

Is the mobile very old?

At some point,WhatsApp stops workingon certainvery old phones.Although it is normal for it to do so completely, there may be cases that certain unsupported models lose only certain functions, and hence the message of the failed download.

We have already indicated themobiles where WhatsApp will stop working in 2021, something that depends on the operating system.They are smartphones with many years old, specifically the following:

  • Android prior to version 4.0.3.
  • iPhone with iOS lower than iOS 9.
  • KaiOSprior to version 2.5.1.

In this case, the solution is simple, but expensive: we will have tobuy a new mobile, there are no other alternatives to continue using WhatsApp.In this list we select somegood and cheap mobiles of 2020that can serve to inspire us.

Clear cache and / or reinstall

Sometimes it is good toclear the cache of the apps, as it canfix certain strange behaviors.It is not a safe solution to the Download Failed warning, but it represents one of thelast resourcesif we have already tried everything.

In our tutorials onclearing the cache on Androidand onclearing the cache on iPhone weexplain the process step by step, which is generally simple.

In addition, after clearing the cache it would be useful touninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, to start with a clean application.It is a generic solution when the others fail, which on many occasions manages to resolve the failures.

In conclusion, it isdifficult to identify the cause of the error Download failed in WhatsApp, but it usually has a solution, and in practically all cases it is easy to apply.

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